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Guide to Buying LED Grow Lights
Buying LED grow lights can be tricky because so many companies are "pitching" their lights and will say anything to get you to buy their light. With this guide you will be able to decide whether a company is worth doing business with and whether the lights they carry will provide the results you want.

Coverage Calculations:


To figure how many lights you need for your space, take the coverage area of the light you are looking at and divide your space into sections of this size.  Remember,  low wattage LEDs must be placed very close to plants due to low intensity and therefore the coverage area is reduced.  We recommend all 3w LEDs to allow for a broader more intense coverage area.


Caution: The coverage area shown for many LED grow lights is grossly misrepresented. If you are growing baby spinach you could probably get away with the extremely high coverage areas some companies show. See Comparisons and Claims below.

Why Should I Buy LED Grow Lights? Count the reasons...
  1.    LED grow lights last six times as long!
  2.    Eco-friendly LED grow lighting uses no toxic metals.
  3.    Energy savings range from 50%-70% over HID lights.
  4.    No cooling necessary; no plant burn and decreased risk of fires.
  5.    LED directional lighting requires no reflectors.
  6.    Maximum chlorophyll absorption and flower production.
  7.    Less frequent watering.
  8.    Discretion assured -- no thermal footprint.


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Our Choice for Professional LED Grow Lights
  Advanced LED Grow Lights Cheap Chinese LED Lights
LED Diode Quality: 3w USA Made LEDs Poor Quality - Made in China 1w LEDs
Quality of Heat Sink: Patented Heat Sink Flat Sheet of Aluminum.
LED Color Ratios: 6 Colors with Proven Results Poor Results.
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty 2 Year (If they honor it.)
Guarantee: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee No Guarantee
Light Intensity: High Light Intensity - Peak PAR Poor Light Intensity
Customer Service: Real US Sales and Support Staff Limited Support (If any.)
Shipping Fees: Flat Rate Shipping Unknown Shipping Costs.
Location: United States China
You Get What You Pay For!!!...      
Posted by Justin on 14th September 2010
These lights work really well! No heat issues, no bulb replacement, no fire risk, less watering, less fertilizing! Do your research and your not going to find a better light for the price! Customer service is second to none! Thanks again Advanced Led Lights!
Posted by Vince on 26th October 2010
I would like to take the time to compliment the team at Advanced LED Lights for their EXCELLENT customer service. I chose this company over the MANY other companies out there offering LED's because: 1. when you call, they answer 2. they're located in the States-keep our jobs here; China and India have enough of our jobs already! and 3. powerful 3W LED's in the wavelengths that my plants need-no wasted energy; therefore, less heat and less money to the electric co. and more money to me. Rest assured that if your light doesn't work out for you then the guys at Advanced LED Lights will be FAIR and HONEST when helping resolve any issues.
If you are not completely satisfied with your LED Grow Light you may return it within 90 days of delivery in original packaging for a refund. 3 Year Hassle FREE Warranty
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